eople are tired to experiencing the “same old boring” events; but with Marcel’s help, you can inject energy into the room! He combines his skills as a speaker and entertainer to host your event with appropriate humour, performance art skills and suitable activities so that your guests remember an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Remember: as an event or conference planner, it’s to your advantage to promise both value AND fun to your guests or delegates.

Whether it’s a well-timed joke, an interactive activity, a relevant game or simply keeping everyone excited and motivated (even after lunch!), Marcel guides your audience through your programme with fun and confident energy.

Marcel’s range of offerings that will MOTIVATE your audience:

Based on your requirements, you could take advantage of Marcel’s experience and knowledge in the following areas:


“The Power of ‘WOW!’ Customer Service”

“The Power of ‘WOW!’ Customer Service” is a 45min presentation that combines thought-provoking customer service lessons with comedy and magic. Relevant for most industries where excellent customer service is needed.


Energise your audience

Marcel’s games and interactive activities are designed to encourage conversation, increase the energy of the room, and enhance creativity. They can occur between speakers, or even after the formal portion of your event.


Improve your delegates' relationships

‘Speed Networking’ is an efficient and effective way to connect your delegates together and to create powerful relationships long after your event is over.


Entice delegates with pre-event content

Show your delegates why they’ll get value from your conference by using Marcel’s skills to interview your guest speakers and to share other valuable content relevant to your industry.


Integrate your objectives into your event

Marcel works with your team to integrate your themes and messages into his presentations, so that your audience remembers your key objectives.


Increase the value your delegates get

Marcel can guide you and your planning team with innovate ways to increase the value and delegate’s experience of your event.

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